Found a posting of a piece that was bought last summer. This was from the show I had with Ron Copeland @ the Rag Refinery in Cleveland.

H    A    P    P    Y        H    O    L    I    D    A    Y    S

H    A    P    P    Y        H    O    L    I    D    A    Y    S

Documentary film I did about the creation of Ross Hardy’s “Our Land.” 

Been making these again.


carry out, accomplish

1. make

SELF PORTRAIT 2012/8/28 2:00AM

The final installment of the Roup House Art Tour. Diving deeper into injection of spiritual meaning into the artwork of Ross Hardy.

Express Art Tour #2 picks up where episode #1 left off; with Ross Hardy.

The work in the video was shot mid-process and evaluated on site, without input from the artist. This technique allows for an alternate meaning to not only develop organically, but to parallel the artist’s concept in importance, perhaps overshadowing the original meaning of the content. The viewer becomes both critic and author, using their own perception to elevate personal insight into an artist statement.

Express Art Tour was filmed in the now disbanded Roup House in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

First of the series.